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In a complex world where development is rapid and choices abound, we collaboratively chart the right course for your business. Our experienced professionals are assembled into tailored teams with the expertise needed to achieve desired outcomes.

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Portett av Trond R. Ramslie

Trond R. Ramslie


Portett av Joakim Skuland

Joakim Skuland

Business Developer

Portett av Eivind L. Nag

Eivind L. Nag

Idea developer / 3D / SEO

Portett av Arild Østbø

Arild Østbø

Creative Leader / Art Director

Portett av Lars Traaholt

Lars Traaholt

Strategic Advisor / Dept. Kristiansand

Portett av Sondre Ørland

Sondre Ørland

Front-end developer & UX-UI designer

Portett av Elisabet Edvardsen

Elisabet Edvardsen

Visual designer

Portett av Anders Semb Hermansen

Anders Semb Hermansen

Head of software engineering

Portett av Amit Sarker

Amit Sarker

Front-end developer & Digital marketer