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Adsign Idéutvikling is one of the longest standing free creative agencies in our area. We deliver the best solutions for your technical and communication needs, all working together in teams with our clients.

Adsign was established in 2003 as an advertising agency with a twist. From day one we have used an extended technical understanding to deliver stand-out solutions for our clients. We have during these years expanded our platform to programming, both front- and backend, to give new and better solutions for your software or online needs. We also provide content for your chosen media platforms, social or movies.

Regardless of techniques, creative solutions or chosen media mix, advertising has one primarily goal; It shall work. And we know at the same time that creative, different, intelligent and surprising communication delivers the best results.

Creating positive associations around our clients’ products and services are therefore one of our most important tasks.

Adsign Idéutvikling are organized into creative teams, which through strategic anchoring and creativity, deliver advertising and communication to all relevant media surfaces and channels.

Areas where Adsign Ideutvikling takes an active part


• Concept development

• Interactive prototypes

• Icons and graphical elements ready to deploy to production.


• Contribute to advisory board

• Discover new opportunities

• Find products / mechanisms that complement and/or enrich our ecosystem

Brand and Identity

• Analyse and identify existing usergroups and new usergroups

• Create naming conventions and visual language that targets given usergroups

• Brand manual and elements that are easy to distribute and utilize

• Presentations, content and visuals.


• Developing ads for multiple surfaces

• Full stack programming and visual design, webdevelopment

• Deploy, monitor and manage Google / Facebook campaigns

• Facebook / Google advertising

• Analyse user patterns / tune campaign


Established in 2018, Adsign Holding AS is our strategic company for new biz and technical and financial collaboration with start-ups, new projects and ideas, or financial investments in upstart clients. We also hold solid knowledge on blockchain technology, crypto investments, construction of mining and staking industries. We work with people and projects that inspire us, that stands for new and greener technology, or stands for basic good fun!

Some of our projects and investments include:

Intelligent Operations



• Addon3D


SPENN Technology

• Eyecon

• Verificate

• Orebit Science

We are constantly looking for new ideas and technical partnerships, where we use our knowledge and experience to help establish or speed up processes regarding new biz or new tech.